Pascarella & Associates

Pascarella & Associates has been a trusted resource for many years. Pascarella & Associates has been a trusted resource, whether retirement advice or tax return preparation. A founder of Pascarella & Associates for almost 50 years, Vito A. Pascarella has worked with small businesses, families, and individuals to improve their lives and prepare them for the future. His overall vision is to keep more of what you earn and invest it in your future. At Pascarella & Associates, we strive to increase wealth, preserve capital, and manage assets better.

Our Founder

Vito Pascarella has over 50 years of experience in the financial services industry. He is a registered tax preparer and licensed insurance agent. Additionally, he specializes in annuities, pensions, retirement planning, and risk management. Before his finance and tax preparation career, Vito Pascarella worked in the manufacturing industry, specializing JIT (Just in Time) and MRP (Material Requirements Planning). He brings that knowledge of resource planning to serve his clients better. Pascarella and Associates focus on preserving, growing, and managing assets for individuals and small businesses. The vision of Vito Pascarella is to educate his clients on financial matters and provide age-resistant financial strategies to ensure their legacy is protected.

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