Estate Planning

Estate planning aims to help us achieve our family and personal goals even after we die. Everyone has an estate as they go through life and accumulate assets. Automobiles, homes, businesses, personal possessions, investments, and bank accounts count as assets. Your assets and income streams are taxed throughout your life and upon death.

Sadly, death does not eliminate our tax obligations. By planning your estate, you can ensure that your wealth will go to the people you want, so you can achieve your personal goals after you are gone. Proper estate planning can significantly reduce your taxes paid to the government, ensuring that your heirs receive a larger inheritance.

Having the help of Pascarella & Associates will ensure that your affairs are in proper order, allowing you to maximize your assets. Our firm works with a reputable estate planning attorney to assist you with your wills and financial instruments so you can pass through and avoid probate (taxes). It is an ongoing process. As your relationships or economic circumstances change, we advise you to review your estate plan regularly. Your estate plan may also need to be updated as tax laws vary.

Consider your own and others' needs when you make plans. Make sure to account for the possibility of your premature death. Pascarella & Associates offers many different insurance strategies and instruments, the primary way to manage the risk of premature death.

Pascarella & Associates' financial professionals can help you formulate your estate plan. You and your family will benefit greatly from getting your affairs in order.